Entry 1: The Road to Self Love

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Hello Beauties,

Welcome to the "Self Love Club"

If you find yourself reading this I want you to know that you matter & you're enough.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Desiree. I am a wife and mother to three pretty awesome kiddos.  My main focus and mission is to share my own personal growth in self love in hopes that I can inspire at least one person to do the same. Fitness has been a huge impact in the road to recovery with both my mental health and my past eating disorder. My mental health in regards to self loathing & never believing I was good enough. My eating disorder consisted of binge eating and immediately throwing up (bulimia), in between taking fat loss pills. Even after landing in a hospital bed miles from home that did not stop me from continuing my addiction. Many of us get to such a dark place that rather than escaping the darkness we crawl further into a web of negativity and disgust. The secret is: We have the choice at any time to get out.
So here I am...years later a wife & mom. Healing on a daily basis, and sharing my life with no filters & all its imperfections. In hopes that whoever is reading this and if you are struggling I understand. And life does and can get better. You have all the answers at your finger tips you just have to be willing to let go. Your worthy, your perfect, your beautiful, and you should never think any less. Give yourself the gift of self love and everything else will follow.

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